Praise for 11/22/63

11/22/63 book jacket

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by Stephen King
Scribner, November 2011
Hardcover, 864 pages
ISBN-10: 1451627289
ISBN-13: 9781451627282

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“A sustained high-wire act of storytelling trickery...Written with heart and soul…unusually romantic...The pages of 11/22/63 fly by, filled with immediacy, pathos and suspense… Mr. King makes it all look easy.”
— Janet Maslin, New York Times
“11/22/63 is a meditation on memory, love, loss, free will and necessity…One of the best time-travel stories since H.G. Wells. King has captured something wonderful.”
— Errol Morris, New York Times
“For the first time, [King has] grounded a novel in historical fact, creating a chilling bogeyman based on one of America’s most notorious villains.”
— Alexandra Alter, Wall Street Journal
“The work of a master craftsman…this story is custom-made, one of a kind.”
— Lev Grossman, TIME
— Frank Rich, New York magazine
“Deeply felt…[A] well-realized work, which extends King’s dominion over fantasy to the terrain of the historical record.”
— The New Yorker
“A great thriller…”
— New York Post
“A terrifically entertaining work of fiction…If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t have [King] change a single page.”
— Alan Cheuse, NPR
“A tale richly layered…King’s storytelling skills kick into overdrive.”
— Washington Post
“King balances his nostalgia on the cusp of tumult…Full of suspense.”
— Boston Globe
“Seductive…King creates a portrait of American life streaked with violence.”
— The Nation
“A delightful blend of history and fantasy…King’s genius as a writer lies in passages where he peers behind life’s curtain just long enough to make readers think before they anxiously turn the page.”
— Rob Merrill, Associated Press
“A wrenching and subtle book…The 849 pages of 11/22/63 channel the angst and longing that so many boomers feel about a past that, perhaps, didn’t go in the direction they had hoped and possibly even about lives that didn’t turn out quite as planned.”
— Ted Anthony, Associated Press
“King’s genius lights Dallas’ dark day…Readers will be reminded of the suspenseful tension of King’s horror tales. But 11/22/63 is no nightmare. It is not typical Stephen King. It is extraordinary Stephen King.”
— USA Today
“It’s King at the top of his game.”
— USA Today (2)
“A blockbuster novel with suspense and heart.”
— USA Today (3)
“The most prolific and imaginative writer of our time delivers a whale of a book.”
— Chicago Tribune
“This is a novel that hooks into the passionate human desire for a second chance—not just for the individual, but for the world as a whole…Beautiful, unsettling…King is an all-night storyteller.”
— Chicago Tribune (2)
“A fascinating and altogether entertaining trip back in time.”
— Chicago Tribune (3)
“The book achieves a gritty urgency.”
— David Ulin, LA Times
“With a perfect emotional note of simultaneous regret and fulfillment, King tackles JFK’s appointment with destiny in Dallas.”
— San Francisco Chronicle
“King skillfully juggles history and everyday life, all the while keeping the specter of that fateful day looming in the background.”
— Seattle Times
“11/22/63 is a tour de force…a bravura performance indeed, a page-turner that entertains, intrigues and leaves lasting images after the lights go down.”
— Times-Picayune
“Mammoth, generous and thrilling…This addictive, heart-stopping and ultimately moving novel is really a distillation of what King has always done so well.”
— Miami Herald
“Suspenseful and poignant…”
— Minneapolis Star Tribune
“One of King’s best books…A rollicking plot, sympathetic characters and cultural musings.”
— Houston Chronicle
“A skillful storyteller…King is the kind of yarn-spinner who could keep you sitting at the campfire all night and half the next day even if you had someplace else to be.”
- Newsday
“11/22/63 is full of well-drawn caricatures and likeable leads. King’s Oswald is a nasty, weasely man, and without ever overstating it, King captures the fascination of spying on history as it unfolds, listening to conversations that would only become important in retrospect.”
— The Onion
“Profound and unnerving…[11/22/63] stays glued to your hands.”
— San Antonio Express
“It’s impossible not to enjoy Stephen King’s new ‘What if?’ book, 11/22/63…A compelling writer and deft storyteller, King tackles a subject irresistible to a generation of Americans raised on a mash-up of Camelot and the Zapruder film.”
— Columbus Dispatch
“A bracing good yarn…A reader who tries merely sampling 11/22/63 may find herself blowing off commitments, setting into a chair for the weekend and swallowing the book whole.”
— Cleveland Plain Dealer
“King is at his finest…[he] has written another hard-to-put-down story.”
— St. Louis Post-Dispatch
“A rich, evocative work.”
— San Jose Mercury News
“Fascinating…11/22/63 is feverishly engrossing.”
— Dallas Morning News
“King is brilliant…The twists and turns of the plot keep the pages turning quickly.”
— Detroit News
“Epic…King’s masterful new work deftly blends science fiction technique into the framework of historical fiction.”
— Buffalo News
“King’s muse dances through several twists in a finale that makes 11/22/63 a date well worth keeping.”
— Christian Science Monitor
“11/22/63 circles smoothly from premise to conclusion like a vulture closing in on a carcass.”
— Bloomberg News
“Wondrously entertaining…the hefty 11/22/63 may go down as his masterwork, a brilliant treatise on the limits of love and fate laced with an uncanny level of nuance and subtlety. The only thing harder than lifting the book up is putting it down.”
— Providence Journal-Bulletin
“Bold…King’s ability to place us in mid-20th-century America is uncanny.”
— Portland Oregonian
“11/22/63 is awash in detail. Fine-toothed research and sharp writing give us the taste, sound and texture of a lost world.”
— Newark Star-Ledger
“This is one of Stephen King’s grand, sprawling journeys, taking time and space to build a believable alternate universe and move you in lock, stock and barrel.”
— Charlotte Observer
“Vivid…In 11/22/63, King has written a splendid combination of dark fantasy, hold-your-breath thriller and sweetly moving romance…Harrowing, heroic and heartbreaking 11/22/63 is a trip into the past you won’t want to miss.”
— St. Petersburg Times
“Ingenious…A big page-turning novel.”
— Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“[11/22/63 is] another hit from the King, and well worth the time.”
— Bangor Daily News
“King is at his finest…This satisfying tale is told in the details.”
— Bradenton Herald
“Stephen King masterfully shows us what life was like when JFK still lived…King has taken a familiar Twilight Zone premise and breathed fresh new life into by exploring not just an intriguing time-travel fantasy scenario, but by fleshing everything out to its fullest.”
— Fort Worth Star-Telegram
“Riveting…King captures the late 1950s and 1960s so well you can smell it.”
— Louisville Courier-Journal
“King is a master storyteller, and he’s at his best here…This is a great suspense book.”
— South Bend Tribune
“A very human story…King paints a warm-hearted picture of life in small-town American 50-plus years ago.”
— Florida Times-Union
“King’s latest novel, 11/22/63, is a perfect place to renew your love of a once and forever great author…Expert storytelling.”
— Eugene Weekly
“A fantastic time-travel story…”
— Northwest Florida Daily News
“Fantastic…11/22/63 is about the power of love.”
— Daily Camera
“Powerful…A great book with a wonderful ending.”
— Joplin Globe
“King has outdone himself…An engaging and thought-provoking story.”
— Winnipeg Free Press (Canada)
“Massive…King’s imagination, as always, yields a most satisfying yarn.”
— Kirkus Reviews
“Intoxicating…Ingenious…Fans will love it.”
— Booklist
“This new novel stands out…The adversary in 11/22/63 is perhaps King’s most implacable force yet: history itself.”
— Bookpage
“The plot is irresistible!”
“One doesn’t so much read Stephen King’s new time-travel opus, 11/22/63, as one inhabits it…a cracking good yarn, a sprawling historical odyssey crafted by one of America’s top storytellers.”
— Toronto Star (Canada)
“Stunning…A narratively thrilling, thoughtful, character-centred journey into the heart of the American dream.”
— Globe and Mail (Canada)
“This thriller is surelya s good as storytelling gets.”
— Globe and Mail (Canada) (2)
“A powerful love story.”
— Daily Mirror (UK)
“A classic hero’s journey…[11/22/63] has all the elements of a master at work.”
— Daily Mercury (Australia)